The Middle

Writing is therapy for me.  I was posting regularly on Facebook, but I found what I posted was being lost in translation.  I started writing on Microsoft Word, but were I didn’t have to filter my thoughts, but I wanted to share those thoughts with my world.  I left Facebook today.  I left after I posted several posts which I regret, kind of, but not really.  That’s the ironic thing, I don’t really regret having the ideas and thoughts I have.  I only regret that people don’t get my meaning, don’t understand my perspective, and don’t really understand me.  I get lost in a world full of social cues, societal norms, and everything gets lost in translation.  This is my solace, this is my place were I can say what I want without risk of hurting someone, or someone hurting me.  Here I can be a passive-aggressive bitch, and I don’t have to worry about people thinking less of me, or changing someone perceptions of me.  The way I look at life is either you love me, or you don’t.  I have spent the last thirty-eight years learning to love myself, and I don’t have the time, energy, or even the will to wait for someone to make that same decision.  

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