Day 123: June 26, 2013

I have learned many lessons the last three weeks.  Besides learning about the intricacies of being a good parent, and not being your child’s best friend, I learned a lot about human nature.  I learned that depression is a contagious disease.  It’s very hard to not fall into depression when everyone around you is depressed.  I learned that if you have an issue with something or someone in your life, instead of pretending that everything is OK, confront the issue or the person causing the issue.  Be upfront with people; don’t pretend that your relationships are perfect, when they are not.  Finally, I learned that I am more capable than I realized and I am much stronger than people give me credit for.  Even though there were a few times I nearly lost my temper, I kept it, and I didn’t explode.  It was difficult.  I have come to terms with my feelings towards the family I married into.  I know that you don’t realize this when you are first getting married, but when you marry a person you also marry their family. 

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