Day 124: June 25, 2013

The days are ticking by.  I have another week and another round of visitors will arrive.  This round of visitors will go better than the first round of visitors.  I have decided to start writing a domestic assistance book.  I think I’m going to write it for my daughter, but if I get it done early enough I will give a copy to my sister-in-law.  Over the last three weeks, I have heard about how easy it is to be a stay at home mom and wife, and how when you are at home, you are essentially lazy, and how you shouldn’t have to do anything while at home.  I want to turn that idea on its head.  Right now, I am being quite lazy, due to my circumstances, but in a few days my energy sucker will be leaving and I will be able to accomplish a few simple tasks.  I’m excited for my parents and brother to visit.  I only wish my brother’s stay would be a little bit longer.  Maybe he’ll change his mind once he sees the location, but I highly doubt it.  He is not much of a family person, and I often get the impression he doesn’t like me.

            I have ultimately washed my hands of his feelings towards me.  I used to feel badly, or guilty that he has a certain disdain for me, but then I learned some of the things that others have said about me.  He believes what people who don’t know me very well have said about me, and I figure that’s his problem instead of mine.  If wanted to know the truth, he could ask.  He would rather believe a truth that’s his own, and it’s not really my problem.

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