Day 126: June 23rd, 2013

I failed to mention the last few days that we found the tick in my husky’s fur, and she is on the mend.  I am happy to report that she will fully recover from this illness without having to buy a sling, go to Auburn and spend $2500, or have surgery.  I’m so relieved!

My daughter’s dance recital was last night.  She goes back and forth regarding whether, or not, she would like to quit dancing.  The last few weeks she has wanted to continue to dance, but quit some of the other activities she’s in.  So far it appears that dancing, violin, and girl scouts are going to be her “things.”  I’m dismayed about how competitive sports have become lately.  The high schools want children who have been playing since Junior High for varsity sports.  The junior high schools, want students that have been playing for years prior to junior high.  The club sports are competitive and many parent coaches pick the teams ahead of times, so there are one or two dominating teams.  The parents on the sidelines have become the worst stage parents, often yelling and screaming at their kids if they are playing non-competitive positions like goalie.  This what I witnessed at age 7 and 8, I can’t imagine the competitiveness at later ages.

            Even in my son’s adapted sports, there are overly competitive parents.  They actually threw a guy off the team, because of his behavior towards the younger players.  He would start having a fit about pitching off of a T, or the number of attempts they would get at bat.  I’m all for limiting the number of pitches for players not pitching off of a T, but I’m really against yelling at the kids, the coaches, and players, it doesn’t teach good sportsmanship, and it really brings down the players as a whole. 

            The other negative thing about sports here is the time they have for registration.  I just got a e-mail from my daughter’s coach reminding me that it’s time to register my children for soccer.  It’s the end of June.  Soccer starts the beginning of September.  I’m barely thinking a few weeks into the future, not an entire soccer season.  Hopefully, my daughter will stick with the whole idea of not joining soccer this year.  We need a break.

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