Day 128: June 21st, 2013

Last night the dog spent her first night at home.  I was kind of a nervous wreck about her being at home.  I’m not much of a nurse, and it seems that she will need constant care.  I have to buy a sling for her, because I can’t keep picking her up, and slings are quite expensive.  She’s doing much better than she was on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The uncontrollable muscle twitches are slowly going away, and she moved around a LOT last night, so I think that means she’s getting her strength back.  She’s still unable to stand up and walk without assistance, hence the slings.  It appears that the drugs are working.

            I also went out for the first time last night, it felt good to get out and do things with other adults.  I had a glass of wine, I ate prime rib (though I wasn’t a huge fan of the prime rib), and I had a piece of key lime pie.  All in all it was an enjoyable evening.  We were sending our coach off to the Cross Fit Games.  She is sure an inspiration.  She was 170 pounds and found cross fit in her late 40s.  She is now 40 pounds lighter, and looks amazing.  I hope to be an athlete like her when I’m done.  I have been looking at Cross Fit Endurance, and trying to see how to incorporate cross fit endurance into my training, instead of cross fitting, then running 20+ miles.  I think I’ll need to talk to our coaches and see what their perspectives are on writing two separate workouts.

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