Day 129: June 20th, 2013

Sadly, yesterday we ascertained that it was not tick paralysis.  We are trying to figure out what’s wrong with her.  She spent the night in the hospital, and I’m hoping the tremors and leg paralysis get better.  Positively, yesterday her condition remained the same and did not get worse.  She is eating and drinking some (though not a lot), and seems alert and not in any pain, except when she falls.  The only piece of bad news is that we don’t know what precisely is wrong with her.  It could be anything from an infection or virus to an injury to a genetic abnormality.  I’m praying it’s an infection or an injury, because at least there is a chance at recovery.  I’m kind of leaning away from genetic abnormality, because it came on so sudden.  Most degenerative genetic diseases come on slowly and she would have shown signs earlier.  I’m also leaning a little bit away from diseases, because those diseases tend to have other symptoms other than leg paralysis and ticks.  Today is just another waiting game.

            This deployment has been less than fun.  The first week, my son was diagnosed with a seizure disorder.  The second and third week, we had strep throat go through our house.  The fourth week the car broke down.  The fifth week was relatively uneventful.  The sixth week my mother-in-law came to visit.  The seventh week my dog is sick.  I’m a little bit nervous about what’s to come the next several weeks.  My parents are traveling out next week, could it be something with them?  Could it be a hurricane or tropical storm comes and destroys our home?  There is an Invest in the Gulf of Mexico right now.  It just seems like so much has the potential of going wrong, and so much has already gone wrong so far.  I just need a break with the issues.

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