Day 121: June 28, 2013

Numbers fascinate me, I love patterns in numbers.  Ironically, I’m horrible at math, though I do well in standardized math tests.  They seemed to make sense, though actual math classes didn’t.  I often saw the numbers and symbols incorrectly, and that’s why I failed most math courses I took.  My favorite pattern is time.  Did you know that there are 3600 seconds in an hour, and if you count down time on your fingers that each 10 minutes, the last number that’s not a zero, corresponds to the first number in 10s number in the minutes.  It’s kind of convoluted, but I’ll explain.  For example, in 60 minutes, there are 3600 seconds.  If you count down from 60, the number in the tens spot is 6, and the number in the hundreds spot on the number of seconds is 6.  If you continue to count down to 30 minutes, there are 1800 seconds in 30 minutes.  Since we humans don’t have 8 hands, hold up the number of fingers on your other hand that corresponds to the number 8, and you will find that you have 3 fingers.  Trust me it works.  This is how I get through the boredom of a very long run, especially one on the treadmill.  The pattern of multiples in time also intrigues me.

My parents finally narrowed down a timeframe for when they will arrive.  It will be on Tuesday.  I’m relieved that I have a few more days to get the house ready, but slightly panicked at the children’s playgroup I have scheduled for this Saturday.  It looks like there will be a 60-80% of storms today and tomorrow, and my plans for an outdoor pool party may be shot down as quickly as they were made.  On a positive note, if I schedule it for after the July 4th weekend, the number of people in attendance will be higher.

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