Day 130: June 19th, 2013

The dog is still sick this morning.  She will not come out of her kennel.  She will not eat, nor will she drink.  She seems more alert than yesterday, but her tremors are really bad again today.  I’m thinking of taking extreme measures and having her shaved to find the tick.  I know that it could potentially traumatize her, but I don’t want to lose this dog to something as silly as tick.  I have read online that it can take up to a week after the tick is removed for her to return to normal, but I expected her to get better, not worse.  Again my frustration level is peaked, because not a day goes by that something catastrophic happens.  I know I’m hyper dramatic, but this is the first dog that we have owned that has been mine.  I trained her, I play with her, and she has bonded to me. 

            I need to run errands today.  Fortunately (I never thought I would say that), there’s someone else here who can keep an eye on her, while I go run my errands.  If she’s not better by the time, I get back, I think I will call the vet and tell them to shave her.  The hair will grow back, I’m not going to lose my dog.

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