Day 131: June 18th, 2013

My beloved Siberian Husky is sick.  She got out last Tuesday, and contracted Tick Disease.  She managed to find a weakness in our privacy fence and exploit it.  There are wooded areas surrounding the home, and she enjoys frolicking in those wooded areas.  They are teaming with ticks of all varieties.  On Tuesday night she started to walk like she was drunk and fall over.  She also was twitching all over.  I took her into the emergency vet.  They pulled a few ticks off, gave her a tick bath.  This morning she woke up and is worse.  I took her to our regular vet, and they kept her the afternoon, they searched her and found no more ticks, but she is still has tremors and is unable to walk.  She won’t eat or drink.  I’m preparing myself for the possibility that I might lose a pet soon.  It’s frustrating, because it seems week after week there is something new.  I cannot catch a break.

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