Day 133: June 16th, 2013

Today is Father’s Day.  Like every other dad, I have a project I’m working on to fill my Father’s Day.  It’s kind of a Father’s Day gift to my husband.  We have landscaping around out pool that has been getting overgrown with weeds.  In addition, my lovely dogs and son have torn up much of the landscaping fabric, making it really easy for a jungle to grow in the weeds.  Yesterday I started to pull weeds from the landscaping and pull up the fabric and plastic border (I hate plastic borders.  Today I’m going to dig out most of the rock.  Relay the landscaping fabric get new concrete borders, and reinstall the rock.  I’m hoping to finish this project before my husband gets home.  It’s a large job, but I figure if I spend just an hour or so each day on it, it will be done.  It also gives me an opportunity to be away from my mother-in-law, because she does not want to be outside for any length of time, due to the heat.  Ripping up stuff is perfect therapy and anger management.

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