Day 137: June 12th, 2013

I read an article from a few days ago in the daily newspaper about the future of a school that one of the parents of child on the spectrum is the principle of (if that makes any sense).   The school is part of the United States STEMM program—advancing engineering, science, and medical arts.   The article questions the future of the school, because of funding.  I don’t know what I think of the school right now.  I think it’s great to advance those things in society, but right now the school district doesn’t fund special education.  The most disheartening thing is the derogatory comments towards “dumb” special education students.  The school and parents don’t value special needs children as people who add value to society.  They seem to be under the impression that people with diagnosis dumb down the rest of society and it’s best to separate them from society.  It’s hard to read that my son is the reason that schools are failing, when he is being excluded from the educational process and getting less of an education than children who are “perfect.”  I don’t think that he should get more of an education; I just think he should have the same opportunities as every other student.  Unfortunately, most parents don’t agree, even those that have children with special needs.  I feel like Mrs. Gump half the time when we go to IEP meetings.  If I was more litigious and had money to spare, the school district here would be in court.  My son should not have to go to a special school for special children to get the education he deserves, this is not 1957.

            Unfortunately, that’s the problem with the Internet.  Anyone and everyone is entitled to an opinion, and they can share it whenever, where ever, and however they want with no regard to the real people their opinion touches.  I wonder if half these parents would feel the same way if their child was considered the “dumb” one.  I’m sure they would not be so quick to parse out judgment and opinions on education, if they were facing the prospect of their child not graduating with his peers, or being taught how to clean toilets instead of being taught how to read and write.  It’s so easy to say how children should be educated when you have a child that’s college bound with the world at his doorstep.

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