Day 140: June 9th, 2013

It is the first time it has rained in the area in 31 days, and it rained enough to make up for the fact that it hadn’t rained in 31 days.  We got hit with quite a deluge, so Sunday was a lazy, watch movies and sit on the couch kind of day.  The only difficulty was keeping my son out of the pool when the lightning came.  I spent my day bidding on more laptops, trying to snag the perfect laptop for the perfect price.  I didn’t want anything fancy, but I also don’t want to settle for something so old it’s not going to be worth with price I paid for it.  Right now, I’m bidding on two, I keep my bids low, so if someone else snags it, I will be able to win the “other” one.  One of them is a MacBook, I love my Mac, but they are so expensive.  I would like to splurge and get something a little bit newer in Mac, but they are so expensive.  I just have to keep reminding myself that the primary purpose of this computer is a back up for my writing.  I don’t need something to surf the Internet, or to play games on.  I just want something that will allow me to take my writing outside, so I’m not chained to a desk.  I have a novel that I would love to start soon, and I look forward to actually having something that I can write on while the kids are in the pool, without having to get up every five minutes to check to see if they are alive.  I think my next big computer purchase will be an actual laptop.

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