Day 141: June 8, 2013

I took my mother-in-law to a little-known beach today.  The most populated beaches are in Destin, and they are so busy, and there are so many drunks and tourists.  There is a scenic highway called 30-A.  It’s pretty well undeveloped except for some higher end condos and vacation homes.  A lot of celebrities go to 30-A, because there are less people there.  We ventured there today.  The waves were pretty good, but and Ryan had a blister on his foot, so we didn’t stay in the ocean long.  One of the best things about 30-A are the little hot dog vendors that set up along side of the road.  We stopped and had a grilled cheese sandwich, a hot dog, and ice cream.  It’s a little bit over-priced, but it’s a great people watching experience.  As soon as the celebrity watchers discover this beach, it will be over-run like the other beaches in Destin, and the celebrities will find someplace else to go.

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