Day 144: June 5th, 2013

Tomorrow is the dreaded last day of school.  My husband called today and offered me his sympathies.  If it’s any consolation, my son goes to school year round, I don’t know what I would do if he didn’t.  I spent my day doing a few things that I enjoy doing by myself, as it will be the last time I will have time to myself until August, and even then I will have three other adults in my home.  Life has gone full circle.  My parents raised me and took me in nearly 40 years ago, and now I’ll be doing the same.

            An interesting article came out about the military yesterday, and I don’t know what to think of it.  The author of the article is under the impression that we are over-compensated for military service.  I would love for him to come spend the rest of the 5 months with us, and then tell me how over-compensated we are.  Whatever we are paid does not make up for the absences, and the utter lack of care the higher ups have for us.  There have been three news stories circulating about military service besides the news article on our compensation.  The other story is about the man who killed 11 people after being deployed 4 years straight.  The story about Bradley Manning, the man hailed as a hero for releasing information to terrorist networks.  And of course the environment that has allowed the military to become a haven for sexual harassment and assault. 

            The casualties of these stories are not the journalists writing them, nor are they the military member themselves, but the families left behind.  We deal with our loved ones being called mass murderers because the actions of one person.  It is assumed that sexual assault and harassment is the norm rather than the exception.  A person who sold his country out is considered a hero, and the military and its commanders failed a young man, destroying not families in Afghanistan, but his family, the families of those that will lose loved ones due to jihad if Afghani justice is not served, and this man’s family.  It’s a sad day to be in the United States Military.   

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