Day 148: June 1, 2013

Like Friday, today was also a busy day.  We started the day going to Billy Bowlegs Festival.  That’s one nice thing about this area, there are always festivals, they are always free, and they usually have a lot of stuff for the kids to do.  Billy Bowlegs is no exception.  For $20, the kids got to on as many bouncy houses as they could fathom, then we enjoyed some festival food.  We all split Hawaiian Ice and chicken with sweet potato fries.

            After Billy Bowlegs, we went to Target and returned some things, and picked up more things to complete the move from having a toy room to having all the kids’ toys in their own room.  When we got home, I started the move.  I put up a shelving unit in my son’s room, and went through his closet.  My daughter’s room was a lot easier, because surprisingly she has fewer toys.  It’s because with my son we spent much of his childhood guessing what kind of toys he would like.  Most of the time we struck out, and we ended up keeping the toys he doesn’t really play with out of guilt.  I celebrated finishing those rooms with a glass of wine.

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