Day 149: May 31st, 2013

Well, we finished the month, more or less, unscathed.  The first three weeks of the deployment were rough, but I’m hoping it will go downhill from here.  I was going to say uphill, but uphill implies difficulty, though downhill also implies difficulty, so I really don’t know the appropriate wording for this.  All I know is that I survived the first complete month on my own, and that makes me feel really good.   Tonight, I finished moving all the toys from upstairs into the kids’ rooms.  I don’t know what prevented us from doing this before, but our primary living area is downstairs, the kids prefer being downstairs, and the upstairs was just getting overly cluttered.  I threw out over 8 bags of broken and unused toys.  I feel badly wasting the toys, but I’m so tired of having them in my home, and them not being used.  I didn’t feel like having a garage sale, so I threw the toys out.  They were not worth having a garage sale anyway. 

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