Day 151: May 29th, 2013

I’m waiting rather impatiently, like I have waited the last three years at around this time.  I’m on my third strike for the New York City Marathon.  This is one of the marathons on my “bucket list.”  An experience I would like to have before I die, though my list of marathons to do before I die has expanded from just five to around 20-30.  It’s one of the original bucket list marathons.  I wanted to run it, because I didn’t think I would ever qualify for Boston Marathon.  Though with each subsequent run, I get closer and closer to qualifying, Boston continues to narrow the field of runners, because more and more people want to run it, and more and more people are capable of running it.  New York City Marathon is one of few marathons that has a lottery option for those slow pokes like me, who are not capable of running 3:25 hours required to run the marathon.  You can also run for charity, but that requires friends with deep pockets, and I don’t have many friends with an unlimited income to donate to a charity.  I normally cannot raise $200-300 for a charitable organization, there is no way I would be able to raise $2000-3000 for charitable run spot.

            Besides waiting impatiently by the computer and annoyingly update my Facebook status much to the ire of my friends and family, who seem to have issues with my continual posting; I ran 3 miles this morning, then went to Cross Fit where I had a MAJOR breakthrough in my training.  I was almost able to do a pull up.  This is huge for me.  When I was in Air Force ROTC, I barely passed the PFT.  My only redeeming quality was that I am a pretty good runner, so my run time and sit ups got me through the test.  I barely passed the push ups.  I did the minimum number 9, now after five months of regular Cross Fitting, I can do 30-40 regular pushups.  There was flexed arm hang, but I just figured I would fail that.  To pass the flexed arm hang, you had to hang for 3 seconds.  I know for a fact that I would be able to hang several seconds longer than 3 seconds.  I know that there was a 600-meter run, but I don’t remember what my time was on that, I do know that I passed it readily, and I probably maxed it.  There was also a 1.5-mile run, and I usually was the 2d place woman if not the first place woman in the 1.5-mile run.  After 5 months I am able to do at 37 what I could not do at 20, it’s pretty sad.

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