Day 153: May 27, 2013

I have nearly two weeks until my mother-in-law comes to visit.  The house is now livable, with the exception of upstairs.  I have to get that in living condition in two weeks.  I also want to go through and get ready for my parent’s extended visit in 6 weeks.  I managed to clean downstairs, I’m going to take each day and accomplish one area.  Once done with that area, I will do my regular chores.  Today’s areas were our primary living areas—the kids’ bedrooms, my bedroom, the kitchen and the bathrooms.  Tomorrow, I plan on tackling the upstairs part of our house.  I rarely go up there, and it needs to be nice for the parents, who are coming.  I would very much like to just go through and trash all the toys that are untouched, but I have to be careful of doing that before my mother-in-law comes.  She doesn’t like it when I purge stuff.  Besides the toy room tomorrow, I think I’m also going to work on the outside too.  I have been avoiding going outside.  I found a mole the other day, and I’m terrified, because one of the people I served with in the USAF died recently of melanoma.  Until, I can get it checked out fully, I’m going to avoid going outside.  The rest of the week, I’m going to work on the other areas that need to be de-cluttered.  Many of my friends have cleaning people, and I want to avoid hiring one, if I don’t have to.

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