Day 158: May 22d, 2013

I worked for 3-4 hours and got the baseboards ready for priming, I primed them just this afternoon, and now I’m waiting for the first coat of paint to dry, before I paint them again.  After the paint is dried (a few hours).  I can start cleaning up and putting my daughter’s room back the way it was prior to this.  Unfortunately, another drama has arisen.  The school called and my son has another fever.  Today, I had his ambulatory EEG and sleep study scheduled, and I called and cancelled both appointments.  After I went to pick him up from school, I took his temperature a few times to see if I needed to give him Motrin, or not, and he doesn’t have a fever.  I triple checked it.  This new hurdle was short lived.  I still managed to get the baseboards primed and one coat of paint.  The benefit of cancelling the appointment, I can work more on my daughter’s room.  It won’t be 100% completed just yet, I have to prime and paint the windows and the crown moldings around the doors, but those things can be done this weekend, and I don’t have to kick her out of her room to do those things.

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