Day 160: May 20th, 2013

I have finally removed my head from my ass the last three days.  I decided that I really wanted to get the long list of projects done that I had made at the beginning of the deployment, so I started painting my daughter’s room yesterday.  It went well, except I wretched my back something wicked (I know that was really 1980s) when I moved my daughter’s desk.  I’m trying to decide, if I want to move her desk back and paint the baseboards later on, after my husband gets home, or if I want to keep the room amiss until I can paint the baseboards.  Supposedly, I have to wait a week, before putting the tape on the newly painted walls. I’m thinking of just painting what’s visible to people, and get the baseboards underneath the desk and a heavy bookshelf later.  No one’s going to notice (unless we remove her furniture.).

            Unfortunately, with working on projects the rest of my life is gone haywire.  My house is a disaster area, my yard is even worse.  And the things that I normally get done during the day are not getting done.  I’m really hoping to feel great after everything is said and done, and bask in the glow of accomplishing something that I didn’t think I could do.  I’m also shopping for new bedding for my daughter.  Her comforter is torn up and she really could use a few sets of new sheets.  I’m excited about having a great looking house, and redecorating the kids’ rooms.  Although on a distinctly negative note, the paint I selected for my daughter’s room is really, really pink, and I have the feeling my husband is absolutely going to hate it, even though my daughter absolutely LOVES it.

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