Day 163: May 17th, 2013

It’s disinfecting day.  Yesterday was also disinfecting day, but it continues today.  I want the germs out of my house, and I want them gone yesterday.  Instead of taking my son to his surgery, I have decided to clean and disinfect my entire house.  It’s hard to do, because my husky has decided that she will shed an incredible amount of hair this year.  Usually when she blows her coat it lasts a few weeks, this year, however, it has lasted well into May.  I hope the hair will be at a minimum by June.  I have found that illnesses all the way around increase when her dander increases.  Most people would have given her up for adoption, but I love this dog.  She is my dog.  Every other dog I have ever owned had either attached themselves to my husband, and before that my mom.  No dog has ever been so attached to me as Sadie is.  She follows me around, at night she sits at my feet, and during the day she will not let me out of her sight for even a minute.  I’m the only person that she really protects, and one of the few people she actually will listen to when I call her.

            We found Sadie through a military family that didn’t want to take her Georgia.  The real reason I think they got rid of her though is that she was not well trained.  She has become a valuable member of our family.  She has really bonded with our son.  It was tough the first year with her.  She ran away often and even killed local livestock, we almost had to have her put to sleep, but we got a last minute reprieve from the family that realized that we were truly sorry for her crime, plus we paid nearly $1000 to replace the animal that was “eaten.”  Since that incident, she rarely runs away, and has not killed any domesticated animals.  She’s a good dog, and a constant companion.

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