Day 166: May 14, 2013

I have officially made it past two weeks.  Somehow it seems surreal.  We are falling into a nice routine.  Even though the first couple of weeks have been hard, it’s starting to feel normal.  Every once in awhile, I feel little twinges of sadness and loneliness, especially at night.  My husband being gone adds a little more complication when it comes to easy tasks like, going to the store with a sick child to get Tylenol.  Lucky for me, neighbors have been wonderful about running to Walmart to pick up stuff.  It seems that a lot more people are more flexible, all I need to do is ask for help, someone always steps up.  Also things seem to be falling into place with other aspects.  There is a barber coming on May 27th to cut hair at my son’s school, so I don’t have to cut his hair.  On May 31st, the school is offering a parents night out, which I fully intend on taking advantage of it.  On June 15th, there is parent training.  All are niceties I need to take advantage of.

            It also helps that time is flying by for the first of two visits.  My mother-in-law is coming out for a short visit during the month of June, and my parents are moving down to the Florida in July.  Even though, it may seem like a cop out, I don’t see it that way.  I will still be at home managing this deployment; just aspects of it will be a lot easier.  I don’t think the population has any inkling how difficult it is to have a child on the autism spectrum and a husband deployed.  I don’t envy single parents with children on the spectrum.  It may sound horrible, but this mother was not cut out for single parent-dom.

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