Day 169: May 11th, 2013

Today was a bust.  It was reminder of what it truly is like being a mother to a child with autism.  We attempted to go to the Odyessea For Autism (yes I know it’s spelled wrong) at Navarre Beach.  I had made the mistake of promising my son a kayak trip on the beach.  As soon as we arrived at Navarre Beach, the sky opened up and there was thunder, lightning, and downpours galore.  Needless to say, I made a promise I could not commit to, and a tantrum ensued.  It lasted nearly an hour, before I just packed it in and said, it’s time to go.  I didn’t want to make the other kids start melting down too.  That’s the lovely thing about autism, sometimes the tantrums are contagious, once one starts, it dominos and every kid in the place is melting down.

            As soon as we got home, the rain lit up, and the sky cleared and it turned into an OK day.  I ended up feeling badly though, all the yelling and screaming gave me a migraine, I ended up dizzy, feeling miserable, and feeling badly that the day didn’t turn out the way I had intended it to.  Just as with running on the beach, I build up these expectations of how things should go, and they end up doing the polar opposite of what I had intended.  As the old adage goes, shit happens.  After the temper tantrum ended and the day cleared up, it turned out to be a pretty wonderful day indeed.  We did our weekly slumber party and watched The Life Of Pi.

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