Day 174: May 6th, 2013

Technically it’s not a whole week, but I prefer to take Sunday’s and review what happened this week and what I learned from it.  One thing I definitely learned is that my project list is larger than I can handle.  I have this huge list of things I want to accomplish this TDY, I have the desire to do them, but when push comes to shove, I just can’t seem to get my butt into gear and accomplish them.  So many things have come up recently, and I’m realizing that just getting the minimums done is becoming darn near impossible. 

            Monday was my husband’s last day in America, and we celebrated by doing almost nothing.  We went to the hardware store, we fixed a few things here and there, and then came home to watch movies and spend time with the kids before he left.

            On Tuesday he left in the early morning.  The first part of the day was difficult, but I did go to the beach and run 3 miles.  That was kind of enjoyable.  I thought it would be an epic and romantic way to kick off the deployment, but I didn’t realize how difficult running in the sand actually was, and it was really quite windy and humid out.  I ended up eating sand and not really enjoying the epic experience.

            On Wednesday was the first of about four doctor’s appointments for the month.  This was a pre-surgical appointment for surgery in two weeks.  After that, I attempted to clean the house.  I did manage to completely gut our office, and now it’s organized. 

            On Thursday, the boat and beach forecast came out and I decided that I would skip the Paddleboard race scheduled for Saturday, because of high wind warnings and choppy waters.  I am comfortable on a paddleboard, but not that comfortable.  Instead we are opting to do the neighborhood garage sale.  My daughter wants to see Lemonade and cookies.

            I spent much of Friday cleaning and preparing for the garage sale. Since this was a last minute decision, I had to run some errands to prepare for it, and after I was done running errands.

            Yesterday, we had the garage sale and my daughter did a lemonade stand, then we went to my son’s baseball game.  The rest of the night we spent watching Star Wars, eating popcorn, and sleeping in the television room while watching movies.

            Today, we went to church, I wrote some of the day, and after I’m done with this journal entry, I’m going to finally start the project I had planned on working this week, but I think since my emotions were so high, and I was just overwhelmed with the whole deployment finally starting, I never really got to start my projects.  And I guess that’s the important lesson that I learned this week.  All the best made plans will probably fall through, and I should be happy if I can just accomplish one or two things above what I’m supposed to do every week.

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