Day 120: June 29, 2013

I found out something last night that just makes the depression from my mother-in-law being here for three weeks slightly worse.  In 2004, I made friends with our neighbors in Germany.  They were really kind people, or so I thought.  We were friends for years and years, until my son was diagnosed with autism.  I don’t really remember precisely what I said, but she got very upset with me, and told our neighbors and mutual friends that I had made up my son’s autism diagnosis.  We were no longer friends at that point, until a few months later she called up and apologized.  We were friends again.  Last year it happened again.  She and I had a political disagreement.  I apologized for being insensitive, but by that time it was too late, and she decided to “dump” me and blocked me from all communication with her.  I was hurt, but didn’t think much of it.  My husband e-mailed me yesterday and informed me that he had found out that her husband wasn’t promoted, and the list for promotion came out about the time they found he was not going to be promoted.  It breaks my heart that someone would decide to throw a friendship away out of immature jealousy.  At this point in time, I am very glad she is no longer in my life.  I don’t need that type of person, I’m so tired of toxic people.  I try not to give them any real estate in my life, but for some reason they still manage to dig their claws in.

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