Day 117: July 2, 2013

My parents leave for Florida today.  I’m excited and nervous about this.  I have not lived in the same house as them for many, many years.  They are bringing only the best weather with them.  Tomorrow, we are supposed to have a 100% chance of thunderstorms, the next day there is an 80% chance of thunderstorms (yep, that’s right on the 4th of July), and Friday there’s only a 70% chance of thunderstorms.  I hope all the tourists leave, but that’s unlikely, many of them will opt to spend time in one or two of our fabulous restaurants.  I very much wanted to take my parents over to McGuire’s Irish grill for their famous prime rib and Irish Wakes.  Nice thing is Niceville has a fine assortment of restaurants owned by small business owners and it’s a hidden foodie paradise.  I just don’t want to cook when they first get here.  The outside of our house will be disaster due to the rain.  

I also bought liquor, this will be my first drink, besides the few random glasses of wine I have had here and there.  I’m partially celebrating that they are out and I have a little bit more top cover and help (because, yes, they ACTUALLY HELP!), but moreover we are nearing the magical half way point in this lovely adventure.  In a few more weeks, we will be 50% done.  I’m relieved and elated that we have reached the half way point.  I just hope that they decide not to extend near the end of the deployment, elongating it.  

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