Day 116: July 3, 2013

Today reminds me of the Eurhythmics song, “Here Comes The Rain Again,” because it’s not just raining, but deluging out.  My parents are on their tour d’ casino, hitting casinos, dog tracks, and horse tracks between Minnesota and the Gulf Coast.  Last night they drove to Kansas City, which was I don’t know how many hours out of the way to go to a casino on the river in Kansas City.  They are at the mercy of my brother, who has decided that his 4th of July weekend is much better spent at random tracks than with his family at the cabin. I don’t know if I agree with him, but to each their own.  My day will be filled with cleaning, and crossfit.  I hope the crossfit gym is open today, because last week the trainer didn’t show up, and it’s quite stormy today.  One positive thing about the rain, I think most 4th of July vacationers will cancel their trips down here, because there won’t be any fireworks, with exception of lightning; the beaches are closed, due to rip currents, and when it storms they really aren’t that pleasant to visit; and there is not much to do in the Destin area inside– all of our tourist attractions are outside activities, and many of those activities will be cancelled or postponed until a later date.

The storms are also not going to be very pleasant with my son today or tomorrow, for that matter.  He is not a fan of not of being forced inside, and the rules I have about swimming in an electrical storm.  The tantrums that ensue are not all that great.  I have thought about taking him to the mall, or some place just to walk around, but he will perservate about going in the pool, and drive every one around me nuts.  We can’t really go to the beach, or any of the other outdoor activities, because they close down in the rain. I have thought about indoor miniature golfing tomorrow in Destin, at the Laser Tag place, and that’s about the only thing we could do.  I foresee that place being packed with tourists, who decided not to cancel.  My daughter would be satisfied just sitting at home, watching the iPad, or watching movies.  She’s on a Star Wars kick right now.  I shouldn’t complain, because I did the same thing at her age, but she wants to watch the series again, this would be the third time, since school let out.

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