Days 114-111

Wow, I have not had time to journal as of late.  So much going on, and so little time.  My parents arrived in Florida, safely and soundly, and they are getting settled into this new things called retirement, though my mom is incredibly bored with it, and has made my house her pet project– amongst teaching Ryan to read, cleaning up my yard, and other fun tasks.

On a totally different and sad note, Tricare, our insurance company is opting to change coverage on ABA therapy.  It’s the only scientific verifiable therapy that works on children with autism.  Sadly this could mean that my son loses his therapy, or it could even mean that we will be forced to move to a new state to find a provider that’s certified in providing this service.  Tricare did this very underhandedly, they announced it on July 4th, and it was to take affect July 25!  Mrs. Jodi is going to Washington.  Nothing brings out the claws like messing with my son.  So it’s time to transform my book and journal writing skills to letter writing skills.  I’m writing everyone from the President to Oprah to get the word out there and get his changed!

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