Days 106-105: July 12-July 13th, 2013

I have forgotten which day it is.  They are starting to run together, which is good I suppose, but they are running together for completely the wrong reasons.  I have been concentrating so much on the latest drama, that I have completely neglected almost everything else.  My entire being is centered on getting this new policy released by Tricare,  rewritten.  The only thing I know is that today is Saturday.

My parents have been out a week.  My dad is adjusting to retirement life well, my mom not so much.  She is easily bored and longs for a house.  She actually longs for her home, and is depressed about not being able to go back there.  That’s the benefit of military life, you don’t get attached to something as solid as a home.  You get attached to the people you are around, but not to belongings.  The only belongings I cling to are the ones I get from various places I have lived around the world.  

Each state I have lived in, I have gotten something to remind me of that state.  I didn’t get anything in Oklahoma, because I didn’t realize how important it is to attach yourself to a location like that.  In New Mexico, I got a wood carved bear that adorns my front porch.  In North Dakota, I have hand painted pottery from a local artesian.  In Germany, we have many things, including beer steins and glasses from our “family” brewery.  In Virginia, I got a hand blown wind chime of a ship.  In Ohio, I got some more pottery.  I have decided the thing I’m going to get to remind me of Florida is a hand painted pottery lizard.  

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