Day 104: July 14th, 2013

Boy am I confused.  It’s another “sunny” day in the sunshine state, meaning it has rained nearly the entire day both yesterday and today.  I’m getting on with my life outside of the Tricare diabolical.  I have started a super-squirrel secret quest to accomplish something at our house that will make it look very pretty.  Hoping that I succeed in my task, but the rain has put a real damper on any success I might have.  I also hope my husband appreciates the time and energy I am putting into this task.  It’s really physically draining, but worthwhile.  I smile when I think of the look on his face when he comes home.  When the weather improves, I will go out and continue while dodging raindrops and lightning bolts.

I ended up not running today and eating more crap than anticipated.  I need to get back into a healthy diet and exercise regimen tomorrow.  I’ll go to cross fit, maybe run a little bit tomorrow morning, then back to the grindstone of doing the super squirrel secret project that’s totally classified.  After watching “Transformers” I really enjoy messing with people and telling them that’s really a information classification in the military.  There’s Secret, Top Secret, and beyond Top Secret, we have TOTALLY CLASSIFIED.  It’s so classified not even the President knows about it.  I see the sun, so I’m off like a prom dress in the month of May.

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