Day 102: July 16th, 2013

Yesterday we met with my son’s school.  I feel much better about the entire Tricare situation than I did a few weeks ago.  The school will provide the testing needed, the doctor will waive the two year limit on therapy, and whether or not we get Tricare authorization, my son will still be able to go to school.  The only caveat without the authorization will be that it will be small groups of 2-3 children to one teacher, instead of the one-to-one he is receiving now, and we will have to pay tuition.  I don’t mind paying tuition.  He is not ready to return to school, and I don’t really want to send him to Rocky Bayou yet (because he is not ready to go there either).  I’m relieved that this option is open to us.

Today we have a lot going on too.  My parents stuff arrive yesterday morning, and we have a group of men and women from my husband’s unit to help me move the furniture I am receiving as compensation into the house.  In addition, I am going to Pensacola with my son to test him for seizures by doing an ambulatory EEG, and tomorrow he has a sleep study.  I’m excited about an upcoming trip to Disney World in August, and I also think we are going to Orlando over Labor Day to go house hunting with my parents.  I’m not going to go house hunting, rather I’m going to tag along and just hang out at the hotel, go mini golfing with the kids, and going places in Orlando other than Disney– like we have a day pass for Sea World among other things.

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