Day 101: July 17th, 2013

Today is a little more low key than yesterday.  We had my husband’s unit over for lunch and they helped move my parents stuff from the POD into the garage and moved some of the furniture that I’m taking into my living room.  I have rearranged some of the books I have and plan on getting rid of two book shelves at a garage sale.  I know I won’t get much for them– they are particle board and have been through several military moves, but something is better than nothing.  I’m also getting rid of a couch in the hopes of buying a new couch.

We decided to go down to Orlando over Labor Day weekend.  My parents are going house hunting, and the kids and I are going to do “non” Disney park things, like go to Sea World, go mini golfing, and playing at the pool in whatever hotel we are staying in.  Should be a nice little respit before the fun of a fall wedding and homecoming after school starts.

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