Day 100: July 18, 2013

Sometimes the smallest voices can make the biggest impact.  The last two weeks families of 23,000 children on the autism spectrum united and fought.  We didn’t fight the war our family members are fighting, or have fought.  We fought a war for our children.  June 25th, Tricare released its new policy, this policy would have nullified the authorizations of 23,000 military children, and made it damn near impossible for them to receive services.  Today, Tricare backed down from its policy.  Instead of affecting active duty families, the policy now only affects families of retirees, and only those retirees with newly diagnosed children on the autism spectrum.  I was one of those voices.  I wrote to congressmen, the President, and even Oprah, everyone I could think of to get our story out there.  I spent hours, if not days at the computer, organizing a response to this growing concern.  Then, without warning it came down from Tricare that we had won.  It wasn’t an out and out victory, where they admitted that they were wrong, it was a kind of sort of victory, where the enemy tries to make you out to look like a pouting child in the corner.  It doesn’t matter to me though, it was still a victory.  In the end, my son will not lose his services, he will not lose his school, and I get the satisfaction knowing that I made a difference.

Now off to teach my daughter the important skill of cross stitching :)!

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