Day 88: July 30, 2013

Just when you think things are going well, Jeremy Hilton posts a copy of the latest filing from Tricare to the US Supreme Court, and that particular filing explains why they relented.  Sadly, I can understand why this is happening.  I understand that costs need to be cut, and there are some children on the spectrum that really don’t need intensive ABA therapy to survive.  Look at me, I didn’t have any therapy until I was in my 30s, and while some behavioral therapy would have helped me a little bit, I would have been fine without it.  I probably would have gotten more out of going to OT and perhaps some speech therapy.  I even understand the utmost importance of doing parental grading and involvement.  Why should the government spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a child, when the parent just undoes everything at home?  What bothers me about this whole thing is the underhandedness regarding it.  And the sad fact that no other medical condition requires this.  The outrage would palpable if we were to do this to diabetics– you don’t watch your diet, you don’t get insulin; or people who are morbidly obese.  Yet why autistic kids?  With the cuts in ABA therapy, cuts in respit care for both adults and children on the spectrum, and cuts in compounding pharmacy coverage– it just seems to me like they are attacking families on the spectrum.  I don’t see them attacking my neighbor with cuts– she had breast augmentation surgery after breast cancer, and instead of a traditional implant, she got an expensive experimental implant grown out of her own tissue.  While I think she should get implants, I don’t see her experimental boobies being more medically necessary than a child’s therapy.  The military has an extremely high number of children on the autism spectrum– could be the environment in which they are born into, and the stress of being a military family, could be the type of people who join the military, or could be the stress of being a military wife.  It just seems unfair to take away so much to such a large population when there are other places that desperately need cuts.

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