10 Things You Should Know About People With Aspergers…

Everyone has their own list.  After an argument with my husband, I would like to delineate my 10 things I want you to know. 1.  I am not mentally ill.  I get so tired of being treated like I’m mentally ill.  You don’t need to worry about my mental health.  I have a healthy ego. … More 10 Things You Should Know About People With Aspergers…

The End Is Nigh

I remember in High School a senior walked around with a sign that said “The End Is Nigh”, and one of the brighter students in my class said, “that makes no sense, how can the end be night.”  But the end is near, and I can taste it.  I’m already having homecoming dreams, and making … More The End Is Nigh

Hard at work

Made some major progress on the super-not-so-secret project.  I dug up around the other side of the pool surround and I think I will be finished with it tomorrow.  I will post pictures when  I complete it.  I also managed to get a run in.  I’m trying to get started with training for my seasons … More Hard at work

Don’t Be Typical

     Yesterday, a friend of mine pointed out a blog post on Spouse Buzz about being an “Old School Spouses,” and that blog got me thinking about what it means to be a military spouse.  It also got me thinking about the relationships between spouses of differing ranks and differing services.  By all accounts, … More Don’t Be Typical