The End Is Nigh

I remember in High School a senior walked around with a sign that said “The End Is Nigh”, and one of the brighter students in my class said, “that makes no sense, how can the end be night.”  But the end is near, and I can taste it.  I’m already having homecoming dreams, and making plans for what we are going to do during the 2 week reintegration time.  I keep looking at the calendar and trying to cut down the weeks and days in ways that will make it less time than it actually is.  The next couple of weeks will be busy.  

On Friday, we are going to Orlando to find my parents a retirement home.  For the kids and I, it means a day in the theme parks, or a day at the hotel pool. Either way we are going away for the weekend.

We come home on Monday, then Tuesday night, my daughter and I are leaving for Minneapolis for a wedding.  We have 6 days in Minnesota, and I’m trying to make plans for all 6 of those days.  Besides the wedding and groom’s dinner, I was thinking we could go to the Mall of America, go see the Renaissance Festival, and maybe even hit a Twin’s game (neither of us have been to the new stadium).

After the house hunting trip and the wedding we only have three weeks and a few days  left until my husband makes his appearance.  In that time we have a 5K run/walk, a garage sale, and the last week will be full of me trying to get the house together.

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