Being Socially Retarded Sucks

Yep, I said it, I’m socially retarded.  This is my number one symptom autism.  I cannot read a social situation to save my life.  I never know where I stand with people.  I misread social cues like nobodies business.  I just wish for once in my life someone would be honest with me.  It would be so much better than constantly guessing what peoples’ intentions are.  Today, is a prime example.  

A few months ago, I had signed my daughter up for girl scouts, informally.  I go to crossfit with one of the moms and my son goes to school at the same school as another mom.  My daughter gets along with both girls swimmingly.  We talked about forming a girl scout troop in April-May, where it would be a small troop with 10-12 girls.  Each mom would take a month and lead for the month.  I said, I could take more than a month if any of the other girls’ moms couldn’t help out.  Shit, I went so far as to pick out a craft and BUY it in anticipation of teaching the girls how to knit and counted cross stitch.  I was so excited about bonding with my daughter, giving my daughter the opportunity to meet new people, and everything else that goes with girl scouts.  I talked to one of the ladies this morning, and was informed that the troop was filled, and my daughter was not one of the people in the troop.  WHAT THE FUCK!?  Sorry.  I’m so confused.  I would think that it’s us being overlooked, but this seriously happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  Unless I’m in charge of something, or my husband is in charge of something– my kids are overlooked and not included.  If I’m doing something wrong, someone please tell me.

So now, I have to break the news to my daughter, who is for some reason going through a rough patch– it could be that every fucking thing that’s happening to us ends up being a disappointment and a huge let down.  She was going to be in a wedding, she was so looking forward to being the flower girl– her flower girl duties are pushing the “real” flower girl down the aisle in a wagon (yep, I’m paying thousands of dollars, taking her out of school, so she can be some glorified slave).  Her daddy missed her entire summer.  Her grandma came out, and she ended up landing in a pile of dog shit (literally).  And now I get to break it to her, that hey guess what, you know how I told you couldn’t do dance, gymnastics, or any other activities you wanted to do, because I said one sport, girl scouts and violin, and that’s it.  Well, cancel that.  Like I said I would think it was an oversight if it didn’t happen all the fucking time.

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