You Know Your A Military Wife…

When an international crisis has your stomach in knots, you can’t eat, sleep, or drink, because your husband is “over there.”  And this even happens when you have been there, done that, drank the kool aid, and got the t-shirt.  Even though I have 16 years of marriage, 5 years of active duty service under my belt, and I know how United States Armed Strategy works (though it would be different with a different President in office– not better, just different), I still get knots in my tummy when bad juju is going down in the vicinity where my husband is.  I try to remain cool, calm, and collected in front of my children and family.  Yesterday was difficult, with yesterday’s social slight, the terrifying reality that this might not end in 5-7 more weeks hit home.  Four more years and then we can retire…

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