This deployment is almost over…

It’s so close to be over, I can taste it.  I dream about homecoming almost every night.  I’m starting to tie up lose ends.  The roof is repaired, the contractors are coming tomorrow to tear out and fix the wall near the fireplace.  My personal projects are almost done.  I finished the backyard a few weeks ago.  I’m working slowing on my room, and my son’s room.  I hope to paint it this week, while the contractors are here painting the main room. I have been writing regularly, though not keeping up on my blog too well.  My daughter’s room is complete.  I sent more care packages overseas than ever before.  Once he gets home and reintegrated, I’m going to “pay it forward”.  Last week I received two care packages at my door, so I fully intend on repaying the favor for a few friends of mine, who’s husband’s are also deployed.  I’m just hoping that I don’t eat my words the last couple of weeks, and every thing goes to hell in a handbasket.

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