Oye Vay, here we go again…

First, there was Pampered Chef.  I really did enjoy you Pampered Chef.  I loved all the free stones and the great easy cooking advice.  Then, my kids grew up, and my stones sat in my closet collecting dust.  Then, there was Avon.  It was cheap, it was like Mary Kay lite.  I only needed to invest $10, and buy a few catalogs a month, but no one ever called their Avon Lady.  I’m just not willing to knock on the door stating, “Avon Lady.”  Then, I tried Norwex.  I love the product.  I really, truly do.  I thought I would, but then again, how much Microfiber towels do I need, and I really don’t clean that much.  Now, it’s Mary Kay.  I do use the product exclusively.  I like the products a lot, but again will my shyness and social anxiety prevent me from being a Mary Kay lady?  Anyway, I love the product so much that I will enjoy the next 6 months of a discount.  I hope people will visit my site, make a few purchases, maybe ask me some beauty advice– I was a certified beauty consultant according to Avon, so I do know a thing, or three about make-up application and matching color.  I bought into the Mary Kay empire to do my sister-in-law a favor.  I so want her to succeed and make director, and maybe get a new car (or the income)…  So if you are so inclined, just think of it as an investment into my writing career, or perhaps a donation to autism awareness…


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