It’s Almost Done…

I have a date. I don’t have a time, that’s always up in the air, it depends on airplanes working and layover and factors that are completely out of my control.  I hate being out of control.  It’s kind of sad that I’m an control freak in that I have to know every little detail.  I’m starting to prepare for homecoming.  Little things, like wrapping up projects I left until the last minute, cleaning the house so that it’s fresh and new for homecoming.  I’m decorating the house a little more, adding little touches.  I want to put the yellow ribbons up outside, and announce the world that he’s home, and this is over.  I plan on decorating his truck, and putting signs up, painting pumpkins.  Right now, I’m just worried about keeping the house somewhat clean and everyone healthy for homecoming (there is a flu bug going through the schools right now).  I just want it to come and our lives to get back to whatever normal is for a military family.

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