Old People Don’t Have Sex…

I’m going to a squadron commander’s/DO’s coffee tonight.  I remember being a young Lieutenant thinking the same thing about squadron commanders and squadron DOs back in the day.  They were old.  I remember them being old, and far removed from the reality of life.  I remember going to meetings where they would muse about why young airmen did stupid things like drink underage, then attempt to drive on base, and methods to squash this rebellious dangerous behavior.  What they failed to realize is that young airmen are the same as they were in college.  I recall getting drunk in college, I recall even (gasp) trying the occasional weed and even a cigar in college.  I remember a party were in the -40 degree weather in Duluth, MN, we stripped down to our bikinis and flashed the few men that went to my school for beads in celebration of Mardi Grais.  I vowed never to forget that I was young and care free a long time ago, and I made plenty of mistakes.  Including thinking that life was over at 40, just as young Miss Cyress so vehemently told Matt Lauer on the today show.  Sex stops at 40.  It doesn’t though, just look at Madonna.  She’s getting close to 60, and still kicking it old school.  That lady from Sex and the City– she was celebrating 60 a few years ago, and still managed to have the sexual prowess of a 20-year-old.  I don’t think sex is gone at 40, I think it’s more meaningful, though, because times a tickin’.  I’m of the opinion that sex actually stops at 50…

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