Why Can’t Designer Design Clothing For Real Women?!

It’s that magical time of the year for military spouses, the Christmas Party time of year.  I’m out shopping for my “Christmas Party” outfit.  We changed squadrons, thus changed dress codes for the Christmas Party.  This year it’s Christmas Casual.  I’m excited about this change, because I don’t have to dress up.  The problem with this dress code is I have two types of clothing– I have my yoga/running/everyday clothing, and I have my cocktail dressy clothing.  I have “casual” blouses that I would consider wearing for “Christmas Casual”, but I don’t have a casual skirt or casual pants.  So I’m digging through my favorite stores, and I’m finding either– clothing that’s for the under 20-set.  Particularly skirts that barely cover ones ass, and clothing for the geezer set, colorful Christmas Sweaters with elastic-wasted pants.  There’s nothing for me.  Nothing for the nearly 40-something woman, who is too old to dress like Miley Cyrus, and too young to dress like Betty White.  And seeing as we are now “leadership”, I don’t particularly want to be the spouse that gets whispered about on Monday morning for dressing far too provocatively for an event.  What’s a girl to do?!

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