Snow Daze

Sophie’s fever broke a few days ago, but she still has a lot of lingering affects of her mono.  She is incredibly tired, and last night she slept from 6:00 PM to nearly 8:00 AM this morning.  We had three snow days, tomorrow school is back in session, but the doctor advised that we not … More Snow Daze

Sophie Update #2

Sophie is doing much better today.  Much better equals a half of a ham and cheese sandwich, half a bottle of pediasure, and a popcycle eaten; temperature on Motrin under 100 degrees, and she’s been awake a good portion of the day.  She is still a ghastly color yellow, and we had to go in … More Sophie Update #2

It hath begun

I restarted writing again.  This is like the 12th time I have restarted writing, but I think this time it’s going to stick.  Though, last night, I decided to scrap chapter one, as it jumped right in the middle of a plot point without explaining how the characters got into the situation they got into. … More It hath begun