If you pray, pray…

Sophie has been sick.  Not common cold sick, but really really sick.  It started in May, when she had strep throat.  Since May, she has had strep five times.  Wednesday we went in for another throat culture and it was negative.  We went again Friday, and she again had a negative throat culture and so were her influenza a and b tests.  Her lymph nodes are swollen, she can barely swallow, her spleen is also swollen, she’s had a fever going on 7 days now.  The doctor suspects mono.  She could be out of school for a month.  There’s also a possibility that I don’t even want to think about.  Shane and I grew up in an area of Brooklyn Park where there are cluster illnesses.  Some of the kids of the kids that grew up in Brooklyn Park are coming down with rare cases of leukemia and cancer.  My brother had cancer, my childhood friends daughter is at the Mayo Clinic as we speak getting a bone marrow transplant.  This is truly terrifying.  It’s scarier than when Ryan was diagnosed with autism, scarier even when he started having seizures, I’m trying to keep my shit together right now.


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