Sophie Update… Illness Day 7

Sophie is officially diagnosed with Eppstein-Barr Virus Mononeucluosis.  Good news: 1.  All her labs for leukemia, anemia, and other conditions came out normal.  2.  Her fever is high, but is being controlled by motrin and tylenol.  3.  There is a snow storm in Florida, which will lessen the number of days she will miss of school (likely southerners + snow = certain death if driving). The bad news:  1.  She is jaundiced, which means that the infection attacked her liver and it is swollen (not damaged), and that it will take longer for recovery (which means between 14-28 days).  2.  Fever being under control means her average temperature is well above 100, but not as high as it has been 103.2 was the highest we have seen so far.  3.  Her spleen is also swollen, which means she is on nearly complete bed rest.  4.  If there is snow and she gets worse where she has to be admitted, I am fearful of driving on ice-covered roads.  Yesterday she already had one bag of iv-fluids, we are trying our damnedest to get more fluids into her.  This is completely recoverable, the only problem is she will be missing almost a month of school from her illness. She is being put on a 504-plan and I will be starting homebound education program with her, once she is awake more than she is sleeping.  Luckily, Shane is here this week, and can shuttle Ryan to school and to therapy, while I stay with Sophie.  She didn’t completely wake up today until around 4:00 PM.  So if you are praying, please continue to do so.

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