Sophie Update Day: 8

We are on the backside of this thing.  Her fever broke today, but she is still very pale and very weak.  Good thing as there is an ice storm in Florida, and everything is closed.  Shane is driving home from work right now, and there is no school.  Living in an area where the primary employer is the base, many federal employee neighbors have been trickling home throughout the day.  Hurlburt let people off at 12:00 PM, Eglin let people off at 2:00 PM.  I have started the large task of disinfecting our home again.  At least, I can’t say that something at home caused this.  Anyway, everyone is on a mission trying to figure out how Sophie got Mono, I personally don’t really care (unless the reason is not obvious), it doesn’t matter if someone brought it into the house, or she got at Disney World– the incubation period for mono is 4-6 weeks, and that puts us smack dab in the middle of Christmas.  It could be that the illness was just going around, there were 5-6 people at the hospital with symptoms of it.  No matter what, it appears Sophie will be losing her tonsils.

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