I’m busy, busy, busy like a bee…

I have been meaning to stop by, say hi.  But per typical me, I’m the awful person who never picks up the phone, never calls anyone, doesn’t want to be a bother.  2013 sailed by like a boat in The America’s Cup Challenge.  2014 looks to do the same.  We have a busy year ahead of us again.  We are awaiting word on Shane’s next job– no matter what it is, we have been reclama’ed.  It’s a made up word in Air Force which means we aren’t going anywhere.  This is the first time in 16 years that we have not moved like clockwork every a little bit less than 24 months.  February we have races every weekend, Ryan’s Blue and Gold banquet, and camping on the USS Alabama.  March gives us another few races, spring break, and a-I-wouldn’t-count-on-it visit from my deadbeat father-in-law.  April is Autism Awareness month, which makes me a busy little beaver.  May is Shane’s boss’ change of command, which either means we are taking command, or there will be a new commander taking charge.  June we are going to Disney World again, because my gosh you can’t have annual passes and parents living in Orlando without taking advantage of their hospitality on numerous occasions.  July we might throw another trip in there for good measure too, plus I start training for New York.  August, two weeks in the Twin Cities, to remind me how close I am to 40.  September third grade in the same school system.  October there is nothing going on now, but I’m sure that will change.  November– the month I have been looking forward to– New York Marathon.  Then we start all over again with 2015.

So let’s review last year, per Bridget Jones style:

Lowest weight: 129, highest weight: 137

Units of Alcohol:  Let’s just say I have single-handedly kept a certain wine shop in Destin in business.

Marathons: 3, half marathons: 6, 5Ks: 0, 10Ks: 1; I got a PR of 4:05 in the marathon, and 1:48 in the half marathon

Number of times I have stuck my foot so far down my throat that my toes have come out of my arse: at least 52 (once a week, probably more).

Number of memes I have taken of my dog:  I didn’t even know what a meme is until someone mentioned that one of my pictures of my dog would make a good meme, so I count that as 1.

Number followers on Twitter: 1-2, I actually got put in Twitter Jail.  

Number of letters to congress, the President, and various representatives: 23

Number of times I was published: 5.

Number of times I was paid: 1

Number of times I started writing a book: 23, number of books I actually finished 0

Number of cross stitch projects I started: 3, number finished: 0

Number of miles run: ~1,820