Galloway’s Run-Walk Method…

This weekend I ran 26.2 With Donna.  I have a hard time running long distances, anything over 16 miles actually, and I decided to talk about Galloway’s Run-Walk method. Please take note: 1.  I’m not an “expert”.  I’m not a “coach.”  I am a runner, who has run since 1992.  I have utilized every method I can think of to get through a marathon, and this includes various methods by Galloway.  This is my honest, completely unscientific, experience using Galloway-Run-Walk.

What is Galloway Method?

Galloway utilizes a mile training run to determine your run-walk ratio for a marathon.  Basically, you run a warm up mile, run a mile as fast as possible, then run a cool down mile.  This “Magic” Mile determines your goal race pace and ratio.  I skipped this part, because I have somewhat of a clue what I’m capable of running.  I jumped right into a 4-to-1 run-walk ratio.

How it works is you run the first 5-6 miles 10% slower than you normally would and run for 4 minutes, walk for 1, rinse, lather, repeat for 4:00-4:30 hours.

What Works:

– I love the walking breaks, it gives you a little bit of rest between running.  I need the psychological break from running for some reason, maybe I’m just a “lazy” runner, but I need a break while I run.  It helps me re-center and re-focus on my form and pace.

What doesn’t work:

When I first started utilizing run-walk.  The ratio was 14-to-1.  I actually liked this ratio.  It was much easier to run, but I’ll get that.  I did not like the 4-to-1 run-walk.  I don’t/didn’t have the endurance to keep up with the run which turned into a sprint then walk.  The walk breaks seemed to long, and the runs were too fast for my fitness level.  

My completely uneducated recommendation:

If you are going to utilize run-walk, I would recommend running a little bit longer, and walking a little bit shorter.  I found for myself running between 14-to-1 or 19-to-1 caused me not to feel the need to sprint or accelerate during the runs, and still gave me the 1:00 minute respite breaks.

If I decide to do a run-walk marathon again, I probably will, I will probably do 19-to-1 (aka walking the water stops), or 14-to-1.  But I would never do 4-to-1 run-walk.  If you are intending on doing a marathon, whether a one and done, or just want to break into the sport– run-walk is the way to go.

Again, I am a CPT, but I’m no way a certified running coach.  I have almost 30 years of running experience, this is only my opinion based on 8 marathons– 5 of which I have run utilizing run-walk.

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