Rule Number 1:

Do not mess with an autism mommy.  Rule number two:  Do not mess with an autism mommy who just drove 7 1/2 hours through tornadoes to get home with her two kiddos after a spring break at Disney where said kiddo with autism had a fever the last two days. Today someone broke rules one … More Rule Number 1:

Lent Day #10

I was prepared to post this wonderful post highlighting all the fashion finds I received from Stitch Fix and the couple of pieces I bought at White House | Black Market, but alas, the box from FedEx has disappeared into oblivion.  So instead you get this boring blog, with no pictures.  Today is my birthday. … More Lent Day #10

Lent Days #7 and 8

The rough couple of days have continued and ended at the same time.  Yesterday I ventured to breakfast with the ladies at “Another Broken Egg” in Destin, then went shopping and picked up new bras, underwear, and “business casual” clothing. I have been out of the workforce for nearly 13 years, and the dress for … More Lent Days #7 and 8

Lent Day #7

Sadly, I lost my motivation yesterday.  I’m suffering from a deplorable lack of motivation.  I did manage to gut Ryan’s room, and do the majority of the laundry.  Trying again today.